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Vinyl CD record-style matt red card wallets

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We have had these matt red card custom CD wallets specially made in the style of old record sleeves. The very high quality 380 micron Vanguard card CD record sleeves just show the smaller circular disc artwork of the vinyl CDs.

These red vinyl CD wallets  (Pantone 1797) still provide full protection to the data side of the disc and the hole in the centre of the front of the wallet is 68mm in diameter.

Please note if you have ordered these from us before then they may have had white interiors, but they are now matt solid red both on the inside, outside and along all edges. The previous wallets were printed red on a white card, whereas the new wallets use a thicker, pure red card that feels more substantial and looks even better without any white edges.

Size: 124mm x 124mm

Weight: 8g

  • Buy 100, pay £0.48 each
  • Buy 500, pay £0.46 each
  • Buy 1000, pay £0.43 each

£0.51+VAT (Code: PO_12CM-VINREDWAL)