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Random cassettes for art projects

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Random and spare cassettes with either sticker or on-body printing (generally on both sides, sometimes on both sides) in a variety of colours that are ideal for use in art projects.

The colours will vary, however you can pick a colour preference below and we will try our best to try and provide more of that colour or type, however it does depend on what stock we have in, so cannot guarantee the colours that you will receive.

If you need the colours to be guaranteed then you will need to order from any of our other products where you can select a specific colour.

The cassettes will be a variety of different lengths and the printing will vary in terms of style and colours.

The cassettes are supplied bulk wrapped and are not provided in cassette cases at all.

  • Buy 25, pay £0.42 each
  • Buy 50, pay £0.39 each

£0.44+VAT (Code: CST-RND-SMPL)