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Plastic wallets with adhesive backs

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These 12cm CD wallets are made from a soft clear plastic (150 micron thickness polypropylene that is 100% recyclable) and have an opening at the top, with a flap that tucks inside to keep the disc in place.

There is a line of adhesive strip running the full width on the reverse (the adhesive is clear, only the removable strip is blue) to allow you to mount the wallets onto brochures, magazines or within books.

The CD wallets are light, will help protect the disc from scratches and allow the disc artwork to clearly show through.

Size: 132mm x 130mm

Weight: 3.0g

  • Buy 100, pay £0.09 each
  • Buy 500, pay £0.08 each
  • Buy 1000, pay £0.05 each

£0.10+VAT (Code: PO_12CM_WALST100)