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Products » Bottle Lights » Freixenet Prosecco multicolour LED bottle light, 70cl

Freixenet Prosecco multicolour LED bottle light, 70cl

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A beautiful Freixenet Prosecco 70cl bottle light with 100 multicolour LEDs inserted inside with 10 metres of exposed silver wiring and the cable exiting through a drilled hole in the back base of the bottle. This bottle really works well as a bottle light as we don't really do any wine bottle lights, however the diamond chequer pattern in the glass of this bottle really catches the lights and they look very impressive. Supplied with the cork and wire cage re-inserted in the neck of the bottle. They are powered by a UK style mains 240V plug with a 1m power cord, so no battery replacements will be required. 

You can also extend the cable length of these silver lights with our extension leads or can power them from a computer or USB power bank for standalone use with our USB lead adapter. Click here to view our bottle light accessories.

The lighting mode is just a steady on and the light colors are beautiful set of pastel shade LEDs in pink, blue, orange, green and white that show through the bottle. 

The lights contain no mercury and only draw a maximum 400mA current and run cool, so are very energy efficient. 

Bottle height: 320mm

Bottle colour: Clear

£25.99+VAT (Code: BL-FRIEX-70cl-MC)

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