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Translucent blue tracing paper CD wallets or mailers

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Unique CD wallets made of a translucent blue tracing paper (also known as 'vellum') in a 100gsm thickness. 

These wallets also have flaps at the top with self-adhesive strips for closing and sealing the wallets, so you could actually post out a disc in only these tracing paper wallets so that the disc can be partially seen through it and the address and stamps could then be applied directly to the wallet, making them suitable as mailers.

Please note that these wallets are available in two sizes:

Small - 125mm x 125mm, suitable for a CD on its own, perhaps with a single 12cm square printed insert

Large - 135mm x 135mm, suitable for a CD packed within another card wallet of size upto about 130mm in maximum dimension

Please pick the relevant size when ordering. 

  • Buy 50, pay £0.56 each
  • Buy 100, pay £0.53 each
  • Buy 200, pay £0.47 each

£0.59+VAT (Code: BLUE-TRC-WAL)