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Products » Blank CD/DVD Media » Blank 12cm DVD-Rs, bulk wrapped (4.7GB)

Blank 12cm DVD-Rs, bulk wrapped (4.7GB)

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These are full size 12cm DVDs (circular), ready for you to burn and print. They have a capacity of 4.7GB. These 12cm discs are ideal for labelling as they have no stacking ring (the top of the disc is completely flat), so there are no ridges in the label once it has been applied.

The discs are plain silver on top with no manufacturer logos for professional results.

These 12cm DVDs are suitable for use in all tray-loading or slot-loading DVD burners.

  • Buy 100, pay £0.26 each
  • Buy 500, pay £0.24 each

£0.29+VAT (Code: 12CM_DVDBULK_100)