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Slimline CD jewel case (maxi case)

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These hard plastic 12cm slimline jewel cases (also referred to as maxi cases) are completely clear and hold the discs securely with a central disc mounting. There are clips inside for a booklet or cover to be inserted, if required, and they are ideal when presentation of the disc is important.

These maxi cases do not have the bar/divider in the front cover (for just inserting a square card cover insert), you can therefore insert slimline J-cards into these cases with spine artwork. 

There is no space for a rear tray insert with the slimline jewel cases and the spine artwork only shows on one side of the disc case.

Note: These Maxi CD jewel cases are now getting quite rare with prices having increased recently due to limited supply.

Size: 142mm x 124mm x 7mm

Weight: 42g

  • Buy 50, pay £0.41 each
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  • Buy 500, pay £0.38 each

£0.47+VAT (Code: PO_12CM_SLIMMAXI)

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