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Products » Bottle Lights » Rosé Prosecco LED bottle light, 75cl

Rosé Prosecco LED bottle light, 75cl

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A beautiful Rosé Prosecco 75cl bottle light with 100 warm white LEDs inserted inside with 10 metres of exposed silver wiring and the cable exiting through a drilled hole in the back base of the bottle. This bottle really works well as a bottle light as the diamond chequer pattern in the glass of this bottle really catches the lights and it looks very impressive. It is powered by a USB with a 1m power cord, which means it can either run off a mains USB socket (mains adapter not included, but can be ordered here), from a computer or from a USB battery pack, which would allow you to use the bottle in places where electricty is not available. 

The lighting mode is just a steady on and the light color temperature is 2700-2900K, so not a bright white with a blueish tinge, it is definitely a nice warm glow that comes out of the bottle. The lights are also very energy efficient. 

Bottle height: 320mm (including cork)

Bottle colour: Clear

£23.99+VAT (Code: BL-ROSEPRO-70cl)

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