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Michelex screwed clear blank chrome audio cassette tapes with grey liners tab-in

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A Michelex '5005' clear compact audio cassette shell with black screws, grey liner, chrome notches in the top of the shell and a blue leader tape, loaded with high quality chrome tape (BASF AT18 for up to C60 length or Zonal PCO9035 for up to C90 lengths) and wound to either C15 (15 minutes in total, 7.5 minutes per side), C30 (30 minutes in total, 15 minutes per side), C45 (45 minutes in total, 22.5 minutes per side), C60 (60 minutes in total, 30 minutes per side) or C90 (90 minutes in total, 45 minutes per side).

Please note that these are limited stock (the Michelex shells were discontinued many years ago, but we have obtained a small quantity of stock recently)

We can also wind these to specific custom lengths (to the minute) of up to 90 minutes if required - please pick the relevant custom length drop-down below and leave a note in the order details when checking out regarding the total play length that you require of both sides. For example a C70 tape will have 35 minutes of audio per side. 

Ready to record and then sticker, pad print or hand write with your own copy and design.

These tapes are supplied with recording tabs still in the top of the tape to allow easy recording. If you wish to stop the tape from being accidentally recorded over again in the future then just pop the tabs out with a small screwdriver after recording. If you then wish to re-record over them then you can just put cellotape over the holes to allow recording again.

They are bulk wrapped as standard, but are also optionally available in cassette cases - just pick this option from the drop down if you require them in cassette cases.

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£2.99+VAT (Code: CST-Michelex-clr5005chr)

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