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Hardback CD digipak in black velvet

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A superb quality hardback digipak with completely rigid panels wrapped in a black velvet material with a black disc tray. They really do look stunning with a high quality construction and are very unusual with a very tactile feel and premium presentation.

The fabric work, craftsmanship and overall quality of build are very high. The panels are completely rigid unlike a standard digipak and the quality impression is backed up by the weight of each hardback digipak, weighing 129g without a disc, in comparison to a standard printed card 4 page digipak at about 39g. There is a hidden magnetic seal for keeping the digipak closed, which is a nice touch.

The hardback digipaks are slightly larger than a standard 4 page digipak or CD jewel case, measuring 146mm wide x 135mm deep and 12mm thick when closed and 301mm in width when full open.

Other material finishes are also available - please look at other options in our 12cm CD/DVD packaging options category. 

Artwork templates

Please download the Photoshop PDF artwork template by clicking here. Please email the artwork files over to us after placing the order by replying to the order confirmation email so that we can tie your artwork up with your order.

Please Note: Custom printed products will take 3-5 working days to produce after receiving you artwork. Only one design can be printed.


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