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Clear 'Prison' blank audio cassette tapes

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A clear 'prison' style compact audio cassette loaded with high quality ferric tape and wound to either C15 (15 minutes in total, 7.5 minutes per side), C30 (30 minutes in total, 15 minutes per side), C45 (45 minutes in total, 22.5 minutes per side), C60 (60 minutes in total, 30 minutes per side) or C90 (90 minutes in total, 45 minutes per side).

These cassettes are called 'Prison' style shells not for the black and clear striped hubs, but because they were the style used by the Commission to sell music licensed by Universal Records of their rap catalogue to prison inmates in America featuring artists such as Eminem, Dr Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, 2-Pac and the Beastie Boys in the 2000's where often the only source of music was cassette tapes as CDs were still banned. Obviously they had to be welded shells rather than screwed versions that could then be dismantled and used to smuggle prohibited items into jails. They all looked the same, in clear cassette cases with no J-cards and just basic white on-body printing. Elegant prison chic!

We can also wind these to specific custom lengths (to the minute) of up to 120 minutes if required - please pick the relevant custom length drop-down below and leave a note in the order details when checking out regarding the total play length that you require of both sides. For example a C120 tape will have 60 minutes of audio per side. Tape lengths over 90 minutes require a rarer and thinner tape that is no longer manufactured, hence the price premium.

Ready to record and then sticker, pad print or hand write with your own copy and design.

These tapes are supplied with the recording tabs removed, so to record, just place some cellotape over the 2 holes in the top of the cassette and then remove the tape once recorded to avoid them being accidentally recorded over.

They are bulk wrapped as standard, but are also optionally available in cassette cases - just pick this option from the drop down if you require them in cassette cases.

  • Buy 10, pay £1.34 each
  • Buy 25, pay £1.27 each
  • Buy 50, pay £1.19 each
  • Buy 100, pay £1.12 each
  • Buy 200, pay £1.04 each