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Cassette case full colour printed J-cards - Brown Manila, natural recycled, matt and gloss white

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Full colour printed cassette J-card inserts for standard single or double butterfly cassette cases. Printed on a high quality laser printer and are provided die creased with the spines ready to easily fold.

Available in recycled brown Manila 300gsm card, an eco-natural recycled 300gsm card, a smooth matt pure white 300gsm card and a smooth gloss white 280gsm card. The gloss white card in isolation looks a pure white, but when compared to the matt card that is a very pure white, it looks more like a light ivory white. The gloss card is harder to write on with standard ink pens due to the finish, so you would need to use a waterproof pen to write on them (if leaving a box to write in a unique number if part of a limited edition release for example). The matt is a lovely smooth finish with the best colours and is our default choice for printing, unless you pick an alternative stock from the drop-down below.

The two recycled card stocks are a rougher texture and clearly recycled, but are ideal if you are after that style or look. The recycled stocks cost £0.02+VAT more per item as the card stocks are more expensive.

The J-cards in total measure 104mm wide by 101.5mm high, with the front panel measuring 65mm wide by 101.5mm high, the spine measuring 12.5mm wide by 101.5mm high and the rear tab measuring 26.5mm wide by 101.5mm high.

Please download the Photoshop artwork templates here: J-card outer and J-card inner. Please email the artwork files over to us after placing the order by replying to the order confirmation email so that we can tie your artwork up with your order.  

If you require J-cards with additional panels added then please click here to visit our sister site, Band CDs.


  • Buy 20, pay £1.37 each
  • Buy 50, pay £1.11 each
  • Buy 100, pay £0.86 each
  • Buy 200, pay £0.73 each
  • Buy 300, pay £0.61 each

£2.49+VAT (Code: CASPRJCAR)