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Blank hockey rink CDs (50MB), pack of 100

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A pack of 100 hockey rink shape CD-R discs, complete with clear plastic wallets and now including gloss laser labels for the discs on sheets of A4 free of charge (8 to a sheet, but we include quite a few extra sheets too). Also often referred to as saddle shaped CD-R discs.

The cards have a capacity of 50MB and measure 85mm x 62mm. The clear plastic wallets are clear smooth plastic and measure 94mm x 67mm, holding the disc securely and helping to avoid them getting scratched.

These hockey rink CDs are suitable for use in any tray-loading CD/DVD drive (for example the trays that open up out of a player and normally have an inset 8cm diameter depression for the 8cm discs to sit in, or on some laptops you push the disc onto the central hub that then keeps to the disc in place), but these discs should not be used in slot-loading drives (those that are like car stereo slots where you just push the disc in) which are only suitable for full size 12cm discs.

Very limited numbers available and we may not be able to restock once gone as production of these has almost stopped due to decreasing demand.

£39.00+VAT (Code: HRCD_100)