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Blank 12cm white vinyl CD-R (700MB), bulk wrapped

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We could not find a supplier of white vinyl style CD-R discs, so we had these ones specially made for us. They are similar to the black vinyl CDs that we stock, although the top side is white rather than black and the data side is silver rather than black.

These white vinyl CDs have a solid white ridged spiral running around the outside of the disc on the printed side, looking exactly like grooves in a record. These vinyl CDs are ideal for bands, DJs or music-related CDs.

These vinyl discs have a capacity of 700MB. There are also no manufacturer logos to spoil the look of the discs.

These 12cm CDs are suitable for use in all tray-loading or slot-loading CD or DVD burners.


  • Buy 50, pay £0.54 each
  • Buy 100, pay £0.39 each
  • Buy 500, pay £0.35 each

£0.60+VAT (Code: CD12VWH)