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Eco Digipaks - Printed 4 page digipaks

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These eco digipacks are an environmentally-friendly option to typical digipaks that use clear plastic trays to hold the disc in place.

In these digipaks we use a recycled card stock for the 4 page printed card outer and the disc trays are manufactured from recycled egg boxes and have a central disc stud that is made from cork.

Digipak size: 139mm wide, 125mm deep and about 6mm high

Weight: 39g per completed digipak (without weight of disc included)

Production and delivery time: 5-12 working days depending on quantity ordered

After you place the order we will contact you to send you the artwork templates and specifications.

If you require just the trays on their own to glue into your own digipaks or packaging options then please click on the 'Eco Digipak Tray' option in the related products below.

  • Buy 50, pay £2.89 each
  • Buy 100, pay £2.19 each
  • Buy 200, pay £1.79 each
  • Buy 300, pay £1.49 each
  • Buy 500, pay £1.04 each
  • Buy 1000, pay £0.99 each

£7.99+VAT (Code: PO_ECO_DIGI)